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University of Phoenix

In 1976, the University of Phoenix (Phoenix) was established; in 1978, it was accredited by the Northern Center Association Advanced Learning Committee. where to buy University of Phoenix fake degree, How to get University of Phoenix fake diploma, where can I buy an University of Phoenix Fake Degree? Online University of Phoenix fake degree, buy University of Phoenix fake certificate online,Today there are 110 campuses and learning centers located in 21 states, Puerto Rico and much for University of Phoenix fake degree, buy University of Phoenix fake diploma, buy fake degree certificate in Indiana, buy University of Phoenix fake diploma and transcript.It is the largest private university in the United States. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling and his Apollo Group. The school has 345,300 students and includes more than 200 campuses in 28 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Offering more than 100 degrees, it is the largest private school in North America, specializing in adult education. Several missions of the University of Phoenix (Phoenix): The goal is clear: for adult higher education, instead of cultivating the scientific research elite in the Ivy League University, it is focused on cultivating practical professionals in the social profession. ——The development of modern society and the continuous enhancement of competition, the more professional talents have the demand and motivation for re-education. Simplification: The University of Phoenix (Phoenix) is geared towards those who really need vocational education and who understand what vocational education they need. For example, it focuses its attention on special populations with independent educational needs and education costs, and chooses practical subjects as the focus of teaching. The purpose of these disciplines is first and foremost to produce direct effects in the work, and to reduce unnecessary cultural conflicts and unmeasurable outcomes caused by other humanities. Of course, the shortcomings of such education are: lack of art, literary literacy and humanities education. In fact, this is also different from its school orientation: for professionals who have already received higher education. Founded in 1920, it is the flagship of the Maricopa Community College of Phoenix College, a district that is the nation’s largest community college system and the largest provider of higher education and vocational training in Arizona. Phoenix College is a learner-centered, integrated community university dedicated to providing high quality and affordable, educational and diverse community services. The degree and certificate teaching program launched by the University of Phoenix (Phoenix) online campus focuses on eight disciplines including accounting, administration, business, education, management, marketing, nursing/health care, and technology. All are taught online and there is no semester. After completing one class, you can continue another course. Students can enroll in the course at any time. After completing the course, they can graduate from the University of Phoenix and provide 24-hour online service for online students. A large number of consultants and teachers rely on telephone and email. Can assist students in learning, including course selection, internships, etc., even registration, tuition, data, library, teaching seminars, homework, exams and assessments, graduation ceremony can be completed online, the number of graduates exceeds several hundred thousand people. The establishment of teaching units in various places, Phoenix University did not hire so-called full-time or tenured professors, but by nearly 8,000 online part-time faculty, many teachers are retired, or need to adjust the working hours of the teachers, network schools need to have experience Business consultants and part-time lecturers provide practical professional courses, and the online school teaching model fits the needs of these teachers and has become an emerging human market. Students who have received education or training at another university or recognized location are recognized for their credits or professional training certificates, or can be exchanged for credits. Online learning students can register online, pay for the relevant courses, and earn credits through online exams. University of Phoenix’s online learning is charged per credit, and each credit is between $390 and $500 depending on the major.

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