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California State University

California State University (California State University, English: California State University, acronym CSU or Cal State) is a public university system in California. It is one of the three university systems that make up the California public higher education system.where to buy fake CSU degree, how to buy the CSU fake diploma, which website provide CSU fake certificate, The other two are the University of California System (UC system, 10 campuses) and the California Community College System (123).how much for the CSU fake degree, buy CSU fake diploma, buy fake degree certificate in Indiana, buy CSU fake diploma and transcript.California State University is the largest public university in the United States. Unlike the University of California (UC), a research university, California State University (CSU) is a teaching university. Neither university has the concept of a “main campus”. Each branch has its own independent teaching, enrollment, finance, and management system. The California State University System was formed in 1960 in the California Master Plan for Higher Education. California State University has 23 campuses spread across California. As of the fall semester of 2016, the total number of students was approximately 478,000 (including 423,000 undergraduate students and 55,000 masters and doctors); the total number of faculty members was approximately 47,000. About 52% of California’s teacher qualifications, 47% of engineering talent, 28% of IT talent, and 50% of business talent are from California State University. The school has about 100,000 graduates a year, half of California’s college graduates and one-third of graduates each year, from the California State University system. California State University has created and motivated about 150,000 jobs, with annual expenditures. $17 billion. The predecessor of today’s California State University system was the Minns Evening Normal School, founded in 1857. In 1862 the state government took over the school, moved to San Jose, and was renamed California State Normal School. The school is now San Jose State University. In 1882, the California State Normal School South Campus was founded in Los Angeles. In 1887, the California State Assembly removed the words “California” from the names of the two schools in San Jose and Los Angeles and renamed them State Normal Schools. Chino (1887) and San Diego (1897) were created separately. In 1927, California State Normal School South Campus (Los Angeles) became the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In May 1921, the State Normal School was renamed the State Teachers Colleges. The board was disbanded and the school was incorporated into the new California Department of Education in Sacramento, California. This means that they will be managed by the deputy director of the department, which is managed by the National Education Director and the State Board of Education. At this time, the names of the branches are named after the city where they are located. In 1932, the Carnegie Foundation for Teaching Promotion was created at the initiative of the state legislature and governor. In 1933, the Foundation sharply criticized the California State University (CSU) Teachers College for infringing the University of California (UC) liberal arts privilege and recommended that these normal schools be transferred to the University of California (UC). When the teachers and administrative departments of the State Teachers College are united to protect their independence. In 1935, under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, State Normal University was officially upgraded to a state university and was explicitly authorized to provide a full four-year bachelor’s degree. During World War II, local leaders and business promoters in Santa Barbara persuaded the state legislature and governor to transfer the Santa Barbara campus to the University of California (UC) system in 1944. Supporters of California State University (CSU) modified the California State Constitution in 1946 after losing their second campus to prevent such incidents from happening again. After the end of World War II, multiple campuses joined the California State University system. During the period 1957-1960, another seven schools were authorized to establish. After the 1960 Donohoe Higher Education Act was enacted, six more universities joined the California State University system. The total number has reached 23 today. In 1972, the system became the California State University and Colleges, and all campuses were renamed California State University. However, some campuses do not like this naming convention. Former San Diego State University President Calvin Robinson wrote a proposal asking every California State University branch to choose an older name. At that time, Governor Ronald Reagan passed the proposal. In 1982, the branches of the school removed the word “college”. At this point, the name of California State University (CSU) was unified.

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